Updated: February 2, 2014 11:53 PM | By Andy Nesbitt, FOX Sports

How much money did Peyton raise by yelling 'Omaha!' in Super Bowl?

The QB had a chance to raise $1,500 for every time he yelled 'Omaha!' during the Super Bowl. Well, he only said it twice.

Peyton Manning had the chance to raise a lot of money during Super Bowl XLVIII by just yelling "Omaha!"

Everybody by now knows the Broncos QB likes to yell that a lot before taking a snap.

A total of 15 companies, led by the Omaha Chamber of Commerce, joined forces and pledged to donate $1,500 for every time he yelled it against the Seahawks.

So how many times did it happen?


The Omaha Chamber of Commerce kept a close eye and ear on Peyton throughout the night. They were hoping for many more "Omaha!" mentions, considering Manning yelled it 31 times in the AFC title game.

But in the end the group was content with donating $3,000 (the raised $24,800 in the AFC title game) to Manning's foundation "Peyback Foundation," which supports disadvantaged children.

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