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Perfect games lost on the 27th batter

Almost perfect

Almost perfect (© (AP Photo/Pat Sullivan)/AP Images)
  • Almost perfect (© (AP Photo/Pat Sullivan)/AP Images)
  • Hooks Wiltse, New York Giants — July 4, 1908 (© Buyenlarge/Getty Images)
  • Tommy Bridges, Detroit Tigers — Aug. 5, 1932 (© FPG/Getty Images)
  • Billy Pierce, Chicago White Sox — June 27, 1958 (© Mark Rucker/Transcendental Graphics/Getty Images)
  • Harvey Haddix, Pittsburgh Pirates — May 26, 1959 (© Focus on Sport/Getty Images)
  • Milt Pappas, Chicago Cubs — Sept. 2, 1972 (© Mark Rucker/Transcendental Graphics/Getty Images)
  • Milt Wilcox, Tigers — April 15, 1983 (© Ron Kuntz Collection/Diamond Images/Getty Images)
  • Ron Robinson, Cincinnati Reds — May 2, 1988 (© Cioncinatti Reds/Special to FOXSports.com)
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Eleven pitchers have lost a perfect game on the 27th batter, three on questionable calls. Two others took a perfect game into extra innings, only to lose it. Take a look at these pitchers who had their hearts broken after coming oh-so-close to making history.

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