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Updated: December 20, 2012 4:25 PM | By The Associated Press, cbc.ca

NBA's East, West all-star teams to play for $500K in charity

NBA's East, West all-star teams to play for $500K in charity

The NBA's all-star Saturday night is adding a team component, with the Eastern and Western Conference competing for $500,000 US in charity.

The conferences will earn points based on the results of the night's four events: the Shooting Stars, the Skills Challenge, the 3-point contest and the slam dunk contest.

The league said Thursday each conference will have a captain, who along with the NBA and sponsor State Farm, will designate the charities his team is playing for. The winning conference gets $350,000 for its charities and the runner-up gets $150,000. The money is being donated by NBA Cares and State Farm.

All-star Saturday night will be held Feb. 16 in Houston.

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