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Steve Sarkisian

Steve Sarkisian (© James Snook/USA TODAY Sports)
  • Bob Stoops (© Alonzo Adams/USA TODAY Sports)
  • Steve Sarkisian (© James Snook/USA TODAY Sports)
  • Tyrone Corbin (© Greg Smith/USA TODAY Sports)
  • Erik Spoelstra (© Sam Sharpe/USA TODAY Sports)
  • Mark Jackson (© Richard Mackson/USA TODAY Sports)
  • Pete Carroll (© Kevin Liles/USA TODAY Sports)
  • Mike McCoy (© Brian Spurlock/USA TODAY Sports)
  • Dennis Allen (© John David Mercer/USA TODAY Sports)
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University of Washington head coach Steve Sarkisian started dating his future wife when the two were students at rival high schools. The couple recently established a scholarship at UW to assist graduate students wishing to teach in Washington public schools.

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