January 6, 2012 2:48 PM | By Daniel Nugent-Bowman, MSN Sports
NHL’s dirtiest players

Milan Lucic

Milan Lucic - NHL's dirtiest players (© AP Photo/Derek Gee)
  • Some of the NHL's dirtiest players have been at their finest this year. Here are some of the current NHLers who could use some cleaning off. (© AP Photo/Barbara Johnston)
  • Andy Sutton - NHL's dirtiest players (© AP Photo/Barry Gutierrez)
  • Ben Eager - NHL's dirtiest players (© The Canadian Press Images/Larry MacDougal)
  • AP Photo/Gus Ruelas - NHL's dirtiest players (© AP Photo/Gus Ruelas)
  • NHL's dirtiest players (© THE CANADIAN PRESS/John Woods)
  • Patrick Kaleta - NHL's dirtiest players (© AP Photo/David Duprey)
  • Milan Lucic - NHL's dirtiest players (© AP Photo/Derek Gee)
  • Rene Bourque - NHL's dirtiest players (© AP Photo/Charles Cherney)
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Traditionalists may not think Milan Lucic is a dirty player because he stands up for himself and his teammates by dropping the gloves when the going gets tough. However he seems to always be putting himself in the situations where he needs to defend his actions. Although Lucic was not suspended for his now infamous hit on Buffalo goalie Ryan Miller, the play forced the NHL to ensure stricter guidelines for netminder safety. He was then banned for a game last month for hitting Philadelphia's Zac Rinaldo from behind.

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