January 5, 2011 4:53 PM | By Daniel Nugent-Bowman
The best Canadian players to come from the World Juniors

3. John Tavares

John Tavares, Team Canada, Team Sweden (© THE CANADIAN PRESS/Tom Hanson)
  • John Tavares, Team Canada, Team Sweden (© THE CANADIAN PRESS/Tom Hanson)
  • Eric Lindros, 1992 Albertville Olympic winter Games (© CP PHOTO/COC/Scott Grant)
  • Jordan Eberle, Team Canada, PK Subban (© THE CANADIAN PRESS/Tom Hanson)
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There was a lot of hype surrounding John Tavares before he played in his first World Junior Championship at the 2008 tournament in Pardubice, Czech Republic. No player had received more hype prior to entering the junior ranks since Sidney Crosby and Tavares was up to the challenge. The centre made the team as the 13th forward, but quickly earned a more prominent role and eventually tied for second on Team Canada in scoring with six points. However it was the next tournament in Ottawa where Tavares really made his mark. He recorded 15 points, including a memorable marker against the United States on New Year's Eve, to remove any question as to who would be selected first overall in the 2009 NHL draft. (The tournament was billed as a showcase between him and top potential No. 1 pick Victor Hedman). Tavares's 21 points leaves him in fourth all-time among Canadian players - an impressive feat considering he competed in two tournaments before even being drafted.

Who else wore Tavares's No. 19?
Mike Gartner - 1978
Joe Nieuwendyk - 1986
Joe Sakic - 1988
Andrew Ladd - 2005

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