Toronto Maple Leafs captain Mats Sundin wears his new visor while practicing with his team for the first time since his eye injury on Wednesday, Nov. 2, 2005 in Toronto, Ont. (CP PHOTO/Nathan Denette)

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In 2004, Cherry revisited his abrasive opinions of the French, but also managed to take a shot at all Europeans in the same swipe. During a first period intermission talk on CBC's "Hockey Night in Canada," Cherry derisively said of players with visors on their helmets, "most of the guys that wear them are Europeans or French guys." The between-the-lines of the broadcaster's dig was apparent - European and French players wear visors because they're not as tough as non-Quebec North American pros - and the usual detractors, including the CBC on this one, spoke out against Cherry. Interestingly, Grapes was proven (somewhat) right in his assertion (according to a Toronto Star survey at the time, 50 per cent of European players and 40 per cent of Quebec-born pros wore visors, compared to just 20 per cent of other North American NHLers) but that didn't stop the CBC from slapping Cherry's segments on a seven-second broadcast delay from then on out.

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