April 23, 2011 12:00 AM | By Holly J. MacKenzie, MSN Sports
Excessive sports celebrations

1. Too much of a good thing

Wayn Rooney on the pitch (© (AP Photo/Tom Hevezi))
  • Ugly word, ugly fine (© (AP Photo/Danny Moloshok))
  • Wayn Rooney on the pitch (© (AP Photo/Tom Hevezi))
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While Kobe Bryant's F-word outburst was one born out of frustration, Manchester United's Wayne Rooney said an F-word of his own, but his came after a joyous occasion. Celebrating the penalty that completed his hat-trick in a 4-2 win against West Ham by staring directly into the camera and saying things not fit for telelvision, Rooney sent shockwaves through the FA, resulting in a two-game ban. While players are often caught swearing on the football field, seeking out a camera to share your swear words of choice with all of the fans watching from home was crossing the line and Rooney was punished accordingly. Issuing an apology after the fact was a nice gesture on Rooney's behalf, but was also a case of too little too late.

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