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Sports' biggest hotheads

Brett Lawrie

Brett Lawrie - Sports' biggest hotheads (© THE CANADIAN PRESS/Chris Young)
  • Whether it's freak-outs at referees and umpires, screaming matches with the media or tussles with opponents and even teammates, some guys just can seem to keep their cool. (© THE CANADIAN PRESS/Chris Young)
  • Brett Lawrie - Sports' biggest hotheads (© THE CANADIAN PRESS/Chris Young)
  • Joey Barton - Sports' biggest hotheads (© Back Page Images / Rex Features)
  • John Tortorella- Sports' biggest hotheads (© AP Photo/Tom Mihalek)
  • Ndamukong Suh - Sports' biggest hotheads (© AP Photo/Jim Prisching)
  • Marco Baghdatis - Sports' biggest hotheads (© AP Photo/John Donegan)
  • John McEnroe - Sports' biggest hotheads (© Mirrorpix/Courtesy Everett Collection)
  • Milton Bradley - Sports' biggest hotheads (© AP Photo/Elaine Thompson)
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He's the biggest sensation in Canadian baseball, a blossoming star with the Toronto Blue Jays. But B.C. native Brett Lawrie, famous for his high-energy style, is in danger of developing a reputation as a hothead after a recent incident in which Lawrie didn't just blow his lid, he hurled it at the feet of an umpire. Lawrie was so steamed after being called out on strikes in the ninth inning of a close game this month, he took off his batting helmet and spiked it into the ground around home plate, where it bounced up and brushed the ump on the leg. Lawrie earned a four-game suspension for his fiery outburst, and offered up an apology to the umpire involved in the play.

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