April 12, 2012 6:21 PM | By Ian Harrison, MSN Sports
WAGs gone wild

Anna Benson

Anna Benson - WAGs gone wild (© AP Photo/Jennifer Szymaszek)
  • Lisa 'Left Eye' Lopes - WAGs gone wild (© AP Photo/Chris Pizzello)
  • Cristal Taylor - WAGs gone wild (© AP Photo/Michael Probst)
  • Alex Gerrard - WAGs gone wild
  • Anna Benson - WAGs gone wild (© AP Photo/Jennifer Szymaszek)
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Anna Benson calls herself a 'harlot,' which should give you some idea of the type of woman she is. The wife of former baseball pitcher Kris Benson, outspoken Anna met her hubby to-be while she was working as a dancer at a New Orleans strip club. Dubbed baseball's hottest wife by FHM magazine, she took over the spotlight from her husband when a trade sent him to the New York Mets, telling shock jock Howard Stern that she would have sex with the entire Mets team if Kris ever cheated on her. Many blamed Anna's constant antics when the Mets finally traded Benson to Baltimore, the feeling being that everyone on the Mets would be better off without her around.

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