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Most embarrassing sports records

Most technical fouls in a season

Most technical fouls in a season (© Jesse D. Garrabrant/NBAE/Getty Images)
  • Most career interceptions (© Al Bello)
  • Lowest career +/- rating (© File)
  • Most career ejections (© Erik S. Lesser/Getty Images)
  • Most technical fouls in a season (© Jesse D. Garrabrant/NBAE/Getty Images)
  • Most errors in a career (© File)
  • Most NASCAR races without a win (© Allsport)
  • Most penalty minutes by a goalie (© Steve Babineau/Action Images/Reuters)
  • Biggest college football loss (© File)
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Any basketball fan will tell you that Rasheed Wallace was a volatile player during his NBA career. Though known for his sound defensive presence and fierce competitive nature, Wallace also was known for allowing his temper to get the best of him all too often. In 2000-01, "Sheed" set the NBA's single-season record for technical fouls — eclipsing the mark he set the previous season.

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