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The many myths of Notre Dame

Irish lies

Irish lies (© Joe Raymond/AP Images)
  • Irish lies (© Joe Raymond/AP Images)
  • The Gipper (© Warner Bros./Getty Images)
  • Rudy (© Notre Dame/Collegiate Images/Getty Images)
  • Check the résumé (© Erik Perel /Allsport /Getty Images)
  • Two-time Heisman winner? (© Otto Greule /Allsport /Getty Images)
  • National chumps (© John Bazemore/AP Images)
  • Real genius (© Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images)
  • Say it ain't so, Joe (© James Flores/WireImage/Getty Images)
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The tale of All-American Notre Dame linebacker Manti Te'o was too good to be true. A story that Te'o's girlfriend had died of leukemia — a loss he said inspired him to lead the Irish to the BCS championship game — was revealed to be a hoax, with the university calling it a sick joke played on Te'o while we're left to wonder if he duped us all. But really, when it comes to Notre Dame and it's folklore, there's always a big difference between the Manti and the myth.

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