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Kentucky wins NCAA title

Kentucky wins NCAA title (© Derick E. Hingle/USA TODAY Sports)
  • Kentucky wins NCAA title (© Derick E. Hingle/USA TODAY Sports)
  • Comings and goings at Kentucky (© Mark Zerof-USA TODAY Sports/USA TODAY Sports)
  • Austin Rivers beats Tar Heels (© Grant Halverson/Getty Images/Getty Images)
  • Conference realignment (© AP Photo/Jacquelyn Martin/AP Images)
  • March Madness for Norfolk State, Lehigh (© USA TODAY Sports/USA TODAY Sports)
  • Baylor goes 40-0 (© Matt Ryerson-USA TODAY Sports/USA TODAY Sports)
  • Hard times at UCLA, UNC (© Debby Wong-USA TODAY Sports/USA TODAY Sports)
  • Jack Taylor scores 138 points (© Cory Hall/Grinnell College/AP Images)
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Kentucky's fab freshmen finally won the big one for coach John Calipari, bringing home the school's first title since 1998. Anthony Davis (left) was surrounded by top talent on the Wildcats, but the 6-foot-10 freshman distinguished himself, earning Most Outstanding Player of the tournament honors, on top of Player of the Year, and was selected with the top pick in the NBA Draft.

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