Updated: February 24, 2012 12:49 AM
Gareth Bale's best career moments

Class above the rest

Class above the rest (© Rebecca Naden/Action Images/Reuters)
  • Class above the rest (© Rebecca Naden/Action Images/Reuters)
  • Where it all started (© Henry Browne /Action Images/Reuters)
  • Rising star (© Michael Regan Livepic/Action Images/Reuters)
  • National pride (© Paul Gilham/Getty Images)
  • New era (© Paul Harding /Action Images/Reuters)
  • Tough times (© Andrew Couldridge /Action Images/Reuters)
  • Redemption (© Matthew Childs /Action Images/Reuters)
  • Growing up (© Dylan Martinez/Action Images/Reuters)
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Speed. Power. Technique. These are just few of the qualities that Gareth Bale brings to the table which makes the reigning PFA Players' Player of the Year standout from today's modern footballer. His story, beginning as promising left back prospect with Southampton to an acclaimed free kick specialist and terrorizing winger at Tottenham, was due to an incredible work ethic and desire to become one of the best players on the planet. Join us now as FOX Soccer takes a look at Bale's young yet illustrious career.

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