Updated: January 23, 2013 4:23 PM | By The Canadian Press, thecanadianpress.com

Bauer resigns as president of Stampeders

CALGARY - Calgary Stampeders president and chief operating officer Lyle Bauer has resigned.

The CFL club issued a statement Wednesday saying Bauer stepped down because of "ownership restructuring."

The NHL's Calgary Flames increased their stake in the football team from five per cent to a majority last year.

“Lyle’s decision to leave was based primarily on a significant change in roles and responsibilities given the benefits of new ownership synergy and infrastructure efficiency,” Stampeders co-chairman John Forzani said in a statement.

Bauer will act as a consultant during the transition of executives, the Stampeders said.

“The team is in good hands to carry on our commitment to solid community ownership and high-performance football,” Bauer said in the same statement.

The former CFL offensive lineman became president of the Stampeders in 2010 after nine years in the Winnipeg Blue Bombers organization.

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