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Updated: December 5, 2012 9:52 PM | By The Canadian Press, cbc.ca

Georges St-Pierre wants Anderson Silva in superfight: coach

Georges St-Pierre wants Anderson Silva in superfight: coach

Georges St-Pierre wants to meet Anderson Silva in a superfight, according to his coach.

"He told me yes," said Firas Zahabi. "But I think there's a lot to be negotiated. I don't know much more than that."

Zahabi, however, says he gets more questions in Canada about GSP facing Nick Diaz than Silva, the current middleweight champion. In the U.S., the questions are about GSP-Silva, he said.

St-Pierre is back training after a holiday following his successful welterweight title defence last month against Carlos (Natural Born Killer) Condit at UFC 154 in Montreal.

He recently tweeted a picture of himself after a training session in Paris.

"Georges is doing a more relaxed form of training," said Zahabi. "After a fight like that [against Condit], he needs time off. He's just doing more playful types of training. But Georges' hobby is martial arts, so for him it's a pleasure what he's doing."

B.J. Penn, who meets GSP training partner Rory (Ares) MacDonald on Saturday in a televised UFC card, says he would pick Silva if the super-fight happens.

"GSP as great as he is, Anderson Silva is very hard to bet against at this moment," said the Hawaiian, who has lost twice to St-Pierre.

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