Kevin Koe advances over younger brother at Brier

Jamie Koe's eighth-end gamble didn't pay off in a 10-6 loss to his brother at the Canadian men's curling championship Saturday.

Instead of playing a conservative draw and conceding a steal of one point to Alberta, the Yukon and Northwest Territories skip attempted a low percentage takeout and gave up four.

Kevin Koe's Calgary team advanced to the semifinal against Manitoba's Rob Fowler later Saturday. The semifinal winner faces Ontario's Glenn Howard in Sunday's championship game.

Kevin says he wouldn't have played the circus shot his younger brother tried, but Jamie felt the game slipping away at that point and decided it was time to go all-in.

"We had an easier chance to give him one, but down three playing nine, we didn't think we were going to win the game anyway," Jamie said. "We took a chance and got burned."

His Yellowknife team will play for bronze Sunday. Jamie hopes he won't meet his brother for a third time at this Brier.

"We don't want to be playing those guys again tomorrow," he said. "Hopefully he wins tonight and then we both have big games tomorrow and we can both still medal, which would be kind of cool I think.

"A bronze-medal game probably means a bit more to us than it would to all the other teams. If both Koes could medal, it would be something pretty special."

Jamie Koe's team was the first from the Territories to make the Brier playoffs. Playoff games were added in 1980 to what had been a round-robin tournament.

Alberta went 8-3 in the preliminary round to finish third, while the Territories snared the fourth and final playoff berth with a 7-4 record.

Kevin had easily beaten Jamie 8-3 at the Brier two years ago in Halifax en route to a Canadian title. Alberta thumped the Territories 11-3 in the preliminary round here.

The third instalment of Koe versus Koe at the Brier was a see-saw battle until the seventh end, when Alberta stole a point to lead 6-4 and then another four in the eighth to seal the win.

"It's good to see them come out [strong] in the playoffs," Kevin said. "They were playing really well. They just maybe went a little too hard for some shots there.

"It happens when you're making everything, you keep thinking you're never going to miss and got himself in a bit of trouble."

Alberta third Pat Simmons is suffering from a respiratory infection that is sapping him of energy. He's taking antibiotics for his illness

"He's getting worse," Kevin said. "That's unfortunate. Terrible timing."

Despite his lethargy, Simmons curled 89 per cent against the Territories. Once his team was up six points, Simmons was able to come out of the game and alternate Blake MacDonald went in for the ninth.

The Territories shook hands after the ninth.