Media to learn Monday whether they can broadcast Graham James's sentencing

A Manitoba provincial court judge has reserved her decision on whether to allow cameras in the courtroom for the sentencing of Graham James.

Judge Catherine Carlson said she will decide Monday morning, one day before James is to be sentenced for repeated sex assaults on two former junior hockey players — Theo Fleury and Todd Holt.

The Crown is seeking a six-year prison term, while the defence wants a conditional sentence with no jail time.

A lawyer for four Winnipeg media outlets argued Canadians have the right to get a good look at Graham James, who has hidden his face on camera outside court.

But James's lawyer says James has received a death threat and showing his face on TV could lead to vigilante justice.

A lawyer for the Manitoba government says cameras in this case would be "complete voyeurism" and could threaten the safety and privacy of court staff and judges.